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Coming from somebody who's played Half-Life 1 & 2, this was really funny. It made sense, and showed something that we all did the first time we played the game. Great job, 4.5 stars for you.

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That was the most interesting video I have ever watched. Short, to the point, and makes you laugh. Not much to say on here because it's a movie, not a game, but you did a nice job on the animation.

Good one,

PixelMammoth responds:

That you, Its always nice when my work is appreciated

Nice. It wasn't another pointless movie on newgrounds, instead it gives you a nice little laugh. If newgrounds had a comments section, the haters would be endless! Great animation though, and the voices were hilarious. This one'll definitely be setting the bar for others like it.

Great job,

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AmateurishCartoons responds:

Thank you! :D

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Interesting, and you did a good job on it. There's really nothing to improve on, but it has a great idea for a game. Not much to improve on, but it handled great.

It could use some extra sound effects for things like throwing the weapons and such. When switching from the AK's to the dynamite, both icons had the red background, and I found no dynamite pickups. The driving was very nice, and handled well. Good job!

The ladders seem to move a bit too fast, which can make it difficult after time. Some background music would be nice as well, and add to the game greatly. The idea seems nice, but I think that it needs a bit more polish. You did a nice job on it, and it has a lot of potential.

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Great song, the guitar and drums combine to create a nice sound, and although you don't have a vocalist, some of the greatest guitar players ever didn't (Steve Vai).

Great job overall!

Great riffs, sounds awesome.

I hope you upload more music like this. Only think i can see you should work on is making it a little heavier. Otherwise this is a great song, and i think you deserve a 9.

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DiroNomer responds:

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoy :D


Best song I have heard on the newgrounds portal so far! This is AMAZING! The riffs at the start were sick, and you should form a band if this is you playing guitar!

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hpanic responds:

thx man
of course it's me playing guitar haha.
yea i do have a band now. my bandmates love my stuff too, so maybe you can listen to some of my songs with vocals anytime soon.. or not so soon. we'll see =)

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